Self Build #8 板倉構法


“Itakura” is the one of the traditional wood construction methods in Japan. No dirt walls and all wooden materials. Ditch pillars and put wall boards down in between them. It’s a very simple house. Professor Andou from Kinki-Tsukuba Univ. had standardized Itakura. So you can order this kind of houses. Also it used as temporary housing after disasters.

I see, but mine used 90×90mm pillars instead of 120×120mm and single walls. The standardized one uses doubled or tripled layer walls. So it says with Itakura you use woods triple time! And that is a good thing since we have too many cedars and cypresses all around Japan. That actually need to use it to prevent a flash flood and a landslide. Isn’t Itakura perfect for people live in Japan? So fur I love it. But not many people know about it and that’s the only one shortcoming.

来年は母屋としてもう少し大きな小屋を作りHapī Hutは離れ、ゲストルーム的な使用にしようと思っている。次がどんな構法になるかは分からないけど敷地にある杉を製材所に持ち込み製材して使いたいと思考している。

I made a lot of mistakes because I’ve never done building this scale of objects before. Itakura is very simple and eco-friendly construction especially in Japan. I really recommend Itakura for self builders.
I’ll build a little bigger hut next year not sure about Itakura but want to use cedars from this land.


Happy one year anniversary moving to Okayama. It was yesterday and today is our baby’s expected day!!! Though he’s not gonna coming out it seems. He’s dancing everyday inside Kei. Kei does squat chopping for preparing her body for the delivery. We’ll be waiting to see you!


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