Self Build #6 Coating


Preparing wall boards were slow due to lack of electricity. But there’s always something to prepare. This time we did a coating on pillars from the ground and wall boards for the dirt floor.


We used Kakishibu, persimmon tannin paint for this. It’s a natural paint which you could make out of immature Kaki. Then put bee-wax for the second layer.


Dilute with water and paint it two times. Let them soak the sun for a couple of days to get color.


Our silkies are matured. Tell you the truth they got baby chicks before us.



次回は建前しまーす、いよいよHapi Hutが形になるよ~

I asked Kei to make the oil blend bee-wax with flaxseed oil and beeswax from New Zealand. Kei bought the beeswax at market after Te Araroa. You can feel a little sticky on the surface after putting it. Then it permeates into and leave a moist touch behind. It smells great and you get smooth skin as well!

Next is putting all the parts together, building “Hapi Hut” !


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