Geodesic Dome #3 Build


My dome is 1.7m radius and it need to rise with base for comfort(up 80cm). I had some fir branches with straight enough for the pillars. Set them on stones and fixed temporarily because I don’t have skills to set these logs in the right position. So I’d fix them afterwards. Also moved the bath inside. It’d be easier now.


I leveled each pillars by a tripod and a pole.


You can fix the triangles right on the base if the base is in the right position. Instead I put two triangles together and connect with one strut. Place them on the base and connect another set.


A single triangle can’t stand itself but combined one can.


The second layer was tricky. Needed to connect the triangles upside down meaning the apex facing down. I figured to fix a single strut first then connect the triangle.


Took me about a day to built up this dome. I’ve been thinking about it too long. I should’ve built one right away. It definitely lesser work and materials than any other wooden buildings. Yes it’s just a frame and need a lot work after this but I love it’s simplicity. While I was building I got a perfect idea for a dome, a bouldering dome! Both inside and outside, endless loop traverse, hanging roof.


The one last job for the day was set the bath working. Terra looks happy with the bath in the dome.


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