Geodesicdome #2


Acidome is the one I used for calculating the geodesic dome. You type in radius of the dome you like and choose the menus. That’s it! You get a full plan for your dome.


My choice is V2 with Joint connection. It was the simplest one on V2. Just two different parts, four edges to go!


A radial arm saw would be nice for this kind of cut but I don’t own it. I have a normal circular saw which works too. You should make a gig for the right saw angles.


I cut all 65 struts in a half day. Thanks for the gig I made. It worked well. But it was untreated wood so I spent a whole day filing them. Then stained with straight persimmon tannin.


10 triangles with Edge 1 and 5 Isosceles triangle with Edge 1&2. The top part is 5 Edge 2 shaped like a star. That was the preparation for the giant LEGO!


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