Documentary Film Project


TERRA -beyond sustainable living-
A permaculture documentary that began its screening journey in Japan in April 2023. Filmed during a global pandemic, it follows a family with their one-year-old son as they travel across Japan and the West Coast of the USA, capturing stories of people who find joy and purpose in giving back to the Earth. The film spans over 30 locations, offering a vision of hope and sustainability through the lenses of permaculture.
• Produced by: TUP Media & Kurashinone
• Music by: -i no ri no ne- STUDIO
• Language: English & Japanese (with subtitles)

Narrative: Kai Sawyer

◎Kenji Usui / Shantikuthi(Nagano)
◎Marisha Auerbach / Urban Farming(Portland, OR)
◎Kiyokazu Shidara / NPO Permaculture Center Japan (Kanagawa)
◎Kyle Holzhueter / Permaculture Center Kamimomi(Okayama)
◎Yuiko Taira / Junnamaken(Fukuoka)
◎Antonio Roman-Alcala / Alemany Farm (San Francisco, CA)
◎Kai Sawyer / Permaculture and Piece Dojo(Chiba)
◎Toru Sakawa / Natural Farming Ureshi-Pamoshiri(Iwate)
◎Doug, Joe, Sam, Maria Bullock / Bullocks Permaculture Homestead  (Orcas Island, WA)
◎Wakana Kawamatsu&Jun Oomura / Forest Garden Hamamatsu
◎Phil Cashman / Permaculture Awa (Chiba)
◎Glenn Hurlehy / Beacon Food Forest (Seattle, WA) 
◎Norika Ishida / Freedom University (Tokyo)
◎Ole Nelson / Kailash Ecovillage (Portland, OR)


Tour Video Page

This is a tour video to introduce the charm of the filming locations that cannot be included in one movie