Play “OUTSIDE” and make things with “HANDS” are my everyday life when I was kid, and that goes “OUTDOOR SPORTS” and “HANDCRAFT” now.

Working in the film industry as a freelance cameraman, I had used working holiday program twice as well as traveling other countries when I have time. “Settle down” was the thought I had in my mind with marriage but that was totally wrong with my wife Kei. I found it with very short married life that we can “Enjoy ×2”, so our relationship is heading us towards more freedom!

So we decided to try Te Araroa(3,000km hike in New Zealand, 2017/18) on our honeymoon. Yes we survived that then I went to the US to hike PCT(Pacific Crest Trail/4,200lm) with sandals and MYOG gears on my back.

After two thru-hike, over 7,000km I met people who do permaculture in the US and Japan. I was fascinated by their life and decided to become a hero who can save the earth. So we moved to my hometown and started practicing permaculture. This blog was started to leave memories of our honeymoon thru-hike then became something different. To save the earth with fun and getting hints from permaculture.


Having doubts about my way of living working day and night, I had gone to Denmark in 2013. Realizing how I live is up to me due to encounters with diverse people and made me overflowing feelings of simple life with the cycle of nature. Back to Japan now cultivating body and mind with yoga and bouldering, enjoying life with  traveling and meeting people, time spending in nature with Nobu.


“my life is my massage” said Gandhi.

We love outdoor, fun, joy. If the life is the massage, we thought telling through this blog about our life with so much freedom has meaning.

So “our life is our massage”. 

Climbing, walking, swimming, fishing while fully using your body and feeling in the great nature…

Exciting about experiences that can only be met there, overwhelmed by the scenery there and touched by its beauty. And that there are friends who can share that time.

It’s filled with such days, feeling happy being alive here.

Ask yourself you’re doing what you want? No regrets when you look back in the future? 

It might be a turning point and you to start new things if the answer is no.

We”ll be very happy if we can encourage you to put one step forward through this blog. Why not being like big kids, living freely like us.

We hope to be able to help the children live in future and who seek new ways of life.