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Northern California

PCT Day1 My Knees (5/15, 0-20.2mile)

PCT Day2 Thru-hike (5/16, 20.2-42mile)

PCT Day3 “Wild” (5/17, 42-63mile)

PCT Day4 “Born to Run” (5/18, 63-91mile)

PCT Day5 Trail Magic (5/19, 91-109mile)

PCT Day6 “Wonder” (5/20, 109-131mile)

PCT Day7 Is PCT all flat? (5/21, 131-160mile)

PCT Day8 Closed Trail (5/22, 160-178mile)

PCT Day9 Mt.San Jacinto (5/23, 178-190.5mile)

PCT Day10 Long Descent vs My Knees (5/24, 190.5-218.5mile)

PCT Day11 Wine Red (5/25, 218.5-246.5mile)

PCT Day12 Town Day at Big Bear (5/26, 246.5-266mile)

PCT Day13 Big Bear half+ off (5/27, 266-275mile)

PCT Day14 Water (5/28, 275-301mile)

PCT Day15 Full Moon (5/29, 301-335.5mile)

PCT Day16 McDonald’s (5/30, 335.5-357mile)

PCT Day17 Isha (5/31, 357-378mile)

PCT Day18 Isha 2 (6/1, 378-400.6mile)

PCT Day19 Trail Magic & Big Day (6/2, 400.6-436.1mile)

PCT Day20 Hiker Heaven (6/3, 436.1-454mile)

PCT Day21 Fire! (6/4, 465.6-478.2mile)

PCT Day22 Siesta (6/5, 478.2-508mile)

PCT Day23 Hiker Town (6/6, 508-517.6mile)

PCT Day24 41mile/66km (6/7, 517.6-558,5mile)

PCT Day25 Zero (6/8, Tehachapi)

PCT Day26 Sprout! (6/9, 566.5-587mile)

PCT Day27 Meet The Beer Drinking Club with Running Problem (6/10, 587-618mile)

PCT Day28 Desert Walking (6/11, 618-651mile)

PCT Day29 30+mile ×3 (6/12, 651-683mile)



PCT Day30 Kennedy Meadows (6/13, 683-706mile)

PCT Day31 28 marathon (6/14, 706-735mile)

PCT Day32 Town Work (6/15, 735-Lone Pine)

PCT Day33 Bear Canister (6/16, Lone Pine-760mile)

PCT Day34 Mt.Whitney 14,505ft (6/17, 760-JMT)

PCT Day35 John Muir Trail (6/18, JMT-787mile)

PCT Day36 Two Passes a Day (6/19, 787-809mile)

PCT Day37 Natural Food Stock (6/20, 809-828mile)

PCT Day38 Muir Pass (6/21, 828-856mile)

PCT Day39 Trail Sashimi (6/22, 856-873mile)

PCT Day40 Mosquito Army (6/23, 873-901mile)

PCT Day41 Town Day (6/24, 901-Mammoth Lakes)

PCT Day42 New Skin (6/25, Mammoth Lakes-922mile)

PCT Day43 Sunrise (6/26, 922-948mile)

PCT Day44 Rainbow! (6/27, 948-973mile)

PCT Day45 Thousand Mile (6/28, 973-1,000mile)

PCT Day46 Stitch Yourself (6/29, 1,000-1,017mile)

PCT Day47 EAT! (6/30, Kennedy Meadows North-1,038mile)

PCT Day48 Wild Flower (7/1, 1,038-1,070mile)

PCT Day49 Town Day (7/2, 1,070-South Lake Tahoe)

PCT Day50 Zero 2 (7/3, South Lake Tahoe)


Southern California

PCT Day51 July 4th (7/4, South Lake Tahoe-1,107mile)

PCT Day52 アメリカ放題 (7/5, 1,107-1,138mile)

PCT Day53 King Cobra 40oz (7/6, 1,138-1,161mile)

PCT Day54 Happy Trail Magic (7/7, 1,161-1,184mile)

PCT Day55 Luna Hiker (7/8, 1,184-1,212mile)

PCT Day56 Hitch! (7/9, 1,212-Quincy)

PCT Day57 Day Hiker (7/10, Quincy-1,287mile)

PCT Day58 on Trail or in Town (7/11, 1,287-1,316mile)

PCT Day59 Midpoint (7/12, 1,316-Chester)

PCT Day60 Bear Active Zone (7/13, Chester-1,350mile)

PCT Day61 First Rain/Thunder (7/14, 1,350-1,393mile)

PCT Day62 Road Walk (7/15, 1,393-Burney Ranch)

PCT Day63 Blogging (7/16, Burney Ranch-1,419mile)

PCT Day64 2AM (7/17, 1,419-1,458mile)

PCT Day65 Toilet (7/18, 1,458-1,485mile)

PCT Day66 Bear/Hiker Box (7/19, 1,485-1,501mile)

PCT Day67 Lights (7/20, 1,501-1,531mile)

PCT Day68 The Plan (7/21, 1,531-Etna)

PCT Day69 Zero 3 (7/22, Etna-Yreka)

PCT Day70 Zero 4 (7/23, Yreka-Dunsmuir)



PCT Day71 Amtrak (7/24, Crater Lake-1,840mile)

PCT Day72 Oregon Highway (7/25, 1,840-1,878mile)

PCT Day73 Shortcut (7/26, 1,878-1,906mile)

PCT Day74 Tenugui (7/27, 1,906-1,943mile)

PCT Day75 Spring (7/28, 1,943-1,976mile)

PCT Day76 Lava (7/29, 1,976-1,999mile)

PCT Day77 Healthy Foot (7/30, 1,999-2,033mile)

PCT Day78 Berries (7/31, 2,033-2,065mile)

PCT Day79 Magic (8/1, 2,065-2,094mile)

PCT Day80 Buffet (8/2, 2,094-2,119mile)

PCT Day81 Umbrero (8/3, 2,119-Cascade Locks)

PCT Day82/83 α7s (8/4,5, Portland)



PCT Day84 Washington (8/6, Cascade Locks-2,166mile)

PCT Day85 Stable Fly (8/7, 2,166-2,198mile)

PCT Day86 Town or Woods (8/8, 2,198-2,230mile)

PCT Day87 Greener (8/9, 2,230-2,269mile)

PCT Day88 Ridge (8/10, 2,269-2,297mile)

PCT Day89 Clouds (8/11, 2,297-2,334mile)

PCT Day90 Crazy 73 (8/12, 2,334-2,471mile)

PCT Day91 Guye Cabin (8/13, 2,471-Snoqualmie)

PCT Day92 Rocks (8/14, Snoqualmie-2,423mile)

PCT Day93 appreciation (8/15, 2,423-2,450mile)

PCT Day94 Side Trail (8/16, 2,450-2,487mile)

PCT Day95 Wind (8/17, 2,487-2,521mile)

PCT Day96 42?miles (8/18, 2,521-Holden Village)

PCT Day97 No Goal (8/19, Holden Village-Stehekin)

PCT Day98 Canada! (8/20, Stehekin-Manning Park)

PCT Day99 GOAL (8/21, Manning Park-Monument)


Extra Alaska