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My name is Terra, which means “Earth” in Latin. I was born on January 28, 2020, right before the pandemic of the new coronavirus. It was like a warning from the earth to human beings. Environmental destruction on a global scale, disparity in poverty, population growth, and serious food problems. The world was full of problems that made people indifferent and made them think that humans were potentially bad for the planet.

When I was one year old, my parents took me on a trip to make a film. It was to give us and the generations to come the hope of regaining true “affluence” in the form of harmony with nature, a form in which we, as a single life form on this planet, have lived together for a long time, rather than the selfish affluence of economic capital.

There are still a lot of problems, but by the time I was growing up, the serious problems were decreasing, and little by little, the planet was becoming a better place for everyone to live, including humans. I don’t know if the film my parents made was one of the reasons why people changed their minds back then, but it taught me that there is a bright future waiting for us if we all continue to believe in a world full of hope.

Care of people including yourself

Care of the earth

Fair share


Why are we taking our little child on a photography trip in the midst of this chaos?

The world was shaken by COVID-19, and we ourselves felt anxious at times with our newborn Terra. In a world where we don’t know what is the right thing to do, I believe that permaculture is a way to leave a bright future for our children and to find a way of life that looks beyond that. There are many practitioners of permaculture in Japan and around the world, but they are not well known. We hope that more and more people will learn about their activities and way of life, and that as many people as possible will regain a life of circulation with the earth.

Tour Video Page

This is a tour video to introduce the charm of the filming locations that cannot be included in one movie(37 locations . we expect to start the editing process in earnest once we finish filming at a few more locations in Japan in this October. Unfortunately most of them are in Japanese but English subtitles are coming. Also US tour is all in English.

Currently, eight of the videos are open to the public: Kin-chan Farm, Forest Garden Hamamatsu, Permaculture Center Kamimomi, Fujino Lighthouse, Junnamaken×2, Maria’s message and BioFuel Oasis(two of them are in English).

English one is here! Tour Video⑦ BioFuel Oasis (Berkeley, California) 9:11 ENGLISH!

BioFuel Oasis


“Way of Life” 3:15 ENGLISH!

A month filming trip to The US, we took so much interviews. Maria is from Bullocks Permaculture Homestead & Nursery, the best permaculture site in North America. This is a part of her interview. What is permaculture for you?


Crowdfunding on it own!

We finished crowdfunding on Campfire and started filming in April. All the money we raised was used to cover the costs of filming! The crowdfunding money was used up in the middle of the West Coast shoot in September.

We are now asking for funds for the rest of the shooting, post-production, including editing and music recording. The target amount is 2 million yen! In the prior crowdfunding round, we achieved our goal of 3 million yen. Since we are on our own this time, we will be advertising through daily posts and tour videos. Please help us not only with money, but also by sharing and commenting on the activities of this project and your contributions!


Just want to support! $10~

Let’s plant a seed! $50~

Your name will be on the film! $100~

Kurashinone Guided Tour! $100~

Organize a screening party! $500~

Please let us know if there are any other returns you would like to see.

How to support

If you would like to support us in ways other than those listed below, or for non-monetary support, please send us an email or use our contact form.


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    List of shooting locations (in order of shooting)


    Kinchan Farm


    Permaculture Center Kamimomi

    Forest Garden Hamamatsu

    Seed Cafe / Seed Bank / Forest Garden Tsuchi-Sora

    Aichi Urban Permaculture   / Nanryou Civic Center / Tokinan Elementary School / Camping Office osoto

    Freedom University

    Permaculture and Piece Dojo

    Brown’s Field 

    Fujino Lighthouse

    Natural Farming UreshiPamoshiri

    Natural Farming Gattponpoko

    ◎Tiny’s Farm

    The USA

    Bullocks Permaculture Homestead  (Orcas Island, WA)

    ◎Tiny House Brooke&Emmett (Orcas Island, WA)

    Planet Repair (Portland, OR) Mark Lakeman

    City Repair (Portland, OR))  Ridhi

    Jane’s Farm (Portland, OR) Matt Bibeau

    Dignity Village (Portland, OR) Lisa

    ReBuilding Center (Portland, OR) Kai Sawyer

    ◎Marisha’s Place (Portland, OR)

    Beacon Food Forest (Seattle, WA) Glen

    Ecology Center (Berkeley, CA) Kana Koa Weaver

    BioFel Oasis (Berkeley, CA) Novella Carpenter

    Alemany Farm (San Francisco, CA) Antonio Roman

    Kana Koa Weaver (Berkeley, CA)

    Mume Farm (Orland, CA) Kiyoko

    Kinone Place (Portland, OR) Aki


    Asian Rural Institute

    Ecovillage Yuru

    Trandition Town Fujino

    Permaculture Designer Shinji Yotsuo