“KURASHINONE” the name of this place. This page is about the life we spend everyday.




We moved this place late January, 2019. There was no sight of the house from the entrance when we decided to start our new life here. Clearing up buses and bamboos, built a bamboo deck and set up a tent. That was how we started. Then Nobu built a tiny hut in December. 

Self build



Brown rice and miso soup are breakfast, bake a bread on shichirin for lunch and dinner is often brown rice with sth. We pick vegetables from our garden and our chickens provide eggs. Having a plan to grow a little portion of rice soon. We’re not vegetarians but we don’t buy meat anymore. Instead eat our chickens every once in a while. They’re free range and taste great.



Off the Grid is one of the themes here. Total of 700W solar panels and 1200W, 400w×2 portable batteries provide enough power for us. We have a fridge(100l), a laundry machine and lots electric tools. No television but projector to watch movies. The power depends on weather so sometimes we reduce usage. 

Off Grid


Wood stove for cooking in a cold season and shichirins with homemade charcoal for other time. Getting woods and chopping is winter job. Also making charcoals.


Not off grid yet. We filter rainwater for cooking and drinking by sawyer. In the near feature we’ll make slow sand filtration(ecological filtration) using rain and well water. And bio-geofilter for drainage leading it to a biotope rice field.



Nobu: A freelance cinematographer when I lived in Tokyo. Now shooting business is a little but mostly working with the earth.

Kei: Housework and learning, teaching, steadying with Terra is most important work. Practicing elimination communication and baby lead weaning(BLW). Sometimes teach yoga for new moms.

Terra: Born on January 1st, 2020, a very energetic boy. The center of the world for us.