Support wanted, let’s get this movie done with everyone’s help!

☆ I just want to support it! (Donations from 1,000 yen)

☆ Independent screening rights (1 day) ¥50,000~ (The film data will be provided.)

☆ Independent screening right + lecture ¥100,000~ (The lecture will be held at the location that was supported by the first crowd funding, so the schedule will be adjusted after the film is completed. Transportation and other expenses will be charged separately.)

☆ Online Talk Session ¥10,000~ (Zoom, Insta Live, etc. / The content will be based on the theme of the organizer, but basically it will be about this project and our daily life. I can also guide you through the “Kurashinone” with a question-and-answer session in the style of our tour videos on YouTube.)

How to Support

If you would like to support us, please contact us via email or contact form. ( email: )

Hand delivery

Credit Card



All support will be used to cover the costs of finishing the film(postproduction). This is to cover the costs of finishing the film, which cannot be done by our friends who are helping us for free (studio costs for finishing, etc.). If there is a surplus, we would like to use it for the cost of showing the film at movie theaters.