In April 2017, we got married on a sunny day with springy sunshine and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Because our values are matched We had decided no wedding ceremony so that we can save some for traveling.

But It’s also an honest point there was a feeling of shaking when people asked me about the ceremony…

There was a plan for honeymoon staying Hawaii for a while, But Nobu handed me over the catalogue of macpack he found in a shop in June.


“Cancel Hawaii, Let’s walk through New Zealand, north to south for 3,000km! fishing, camping, swimming spending 4,5 months.’

I couldn’t imagine with distance of 3,000km, but so excited about Nobu’s idea and fascinated by the great nature of New Zealand while  turning over the pages of the photo album like catalogue.



Originally Nobu had a plan walking a long trail in the states by himself, couldn’t achieve due to his shooting project.

 With such a background, we decided going New Zealand and tramping through Te ARAROA.

We ‘re active and love spending time outdoor, New Zealand is a perfect fields for us where is full of nature.

I feel heartily happy that we can travel like this for the beginning of our life.