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藤野ライトハウス(神奈川県相模原市 / 旧藤野町)


I happened to visit the light house to have a meeting about the filming of Transition Town Fujino.

In such a rural area (sorry! I was so surprised and excited to find a store that had all the elements that I love – natural food, fair trade, and a bulk store – that I couldn’t wait to take my time and shop instead of having a meeting.

Nobu said, “I’d love to film this place too, because it’s a great initiative! So he suddenly asked Rie, the owner of the store, to do so!

Thank you very much for agreeing to this sudden request.

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What impressed me the most here was the recently started scale sales.

I had to take my hat off to the idea of a members-only, community-based scale sale in the form of a “scale sale club” instead of targeting an unspecified number of people!

The lineup can be arranged according to the needs of the club members, and food loss can be prevented by requesting club members to purchase items that are nearing their expiration date. This is a business that can be done because of face-to-face connections.

It made me think that we, as customers, need to be aware of this and continue to be involved in order to keep the store running in a sustainable manner, rather than leaving the business to the store.

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And at the end of the interview, when I asked her about her future vision, I was very impressed with her answer!

Please watch the video.

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