This is the same article as the activity report on the Campfire crafan page.

A month has passed since I finished shooting.

For me, the days of the shooting trip already seem like a long time ago. I don’t know what this feeling is…

I was going to write the activity report in the same order as before, but it’s too difficult to keep up with the rich memories of the trip, so I’d like to report the trip with the tour videos that have been released!

I’ve just come up with this plan, and now I’ve got the energy to sit down at the screen and type.

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At first glance, the place where we got off the car did not look much different from the surrounding streets lined with trees. (In the cities I visited on the west coast of the U.S., trees were planted everywhere as you moved away from the center of the city. (In the cities I visited on the west coast of the U.S., there were trees planted everywhere as you moved away from the center of the city.)

If I had passed by here when I was not aware of plants at all, I would have probably just felt that there was a lot of greenery and passed by. LOL!


There were ripe and fallen plums and apples lying around at my feet.

Fruit over there, herbs here, what! There are even almonds?

It’s so exciting to think that even in a limited space in the city, you can grow such a rich forest depending on the design!

Some people seem to think that permaculture can’t be done in the city, or that you have to be in a place where the conditions are right to start it, but permaculture can be done anywhere! But permaculture can be done anywhere!

Oh, but I personally was a little concerned about exhaust fumes and dog pee on the street. I didn’t wash my food, but I’ll wash it! LOL!


After all, it is not the rightness that is important, but the playfulness and fun that is important.

The fact that there are adults who have imagined and created such a world is already fun and beautiful.

海くんが触れているのはローズマリー。 あそこに行けばローズマリーがあるって知ってたら、買わずに採りにいくよね?

In Japan, people plant flowers in flowerbeds as part of urban development activities, but planting herbs and edible flowers would make people happier and more pleasant to look at, smell, and eat!

I get excited just thinking about it.

Once again, it’s not about being right, it’s about having fun!


Tour video page is here!

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