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This time I’d like to introduce you to a permaculture bio-fuel station we visited in Berkeley, USA!


\Bio Fuel Oasis Tour Movie is here


This is a photo shoot at BioFuel Oasis, a biofuel gas station and urban farming supply store started by five women in Berkeley, California. They started as the first biofuel refinery and distributor in California, and are now self-sufficient in their own fuel, promoting urban agriculture, and holding many classes and workshops.


I’ve heard it from Kay Sawyer that Bio Fuel Oasis is an interesting place to visit in Berkeley, and it became one of the places I wanted to visit.

Actually, we came here without an appointment!

Despite our sudden request, Novella kindly introduced the place.

Thank you very much.

屋根の部分はなんとソーラーパネル! 小さな空間に色んなエッセンスが組み込まれていて楽しい。


都市の真ん中で藁まで売られてます、、、 街だとなかなか目にする機会がないよね。


I was suddenly amazed that there was such a place in the world!

Everything is so great!

It would be nice to have a place like this! This space was born from the idea that it would be nice to have a shop like this, and since the members who started this place keep chickens and bees, it would be nice to sell things related to that as well.

This space was born out of the idea that it would be good to sell products related to these activities.

I was so impressed by the freedom of thought that I felt as if I had been lost in a dream world!

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色んなものが商品棚に並べられていて、見ているだけでも楽しい! 私も思わずお買い物してしまいました〜(子ども向けの本とステッカーを購入!)


At the end of the tour video, Novella said, “A lot of what we do here is about recycling, not disposing.

I think it’s hard to be aware of recycling in our daily lives when we are so dependent on the social system, but there are many things we can do!

I also liked the fact that they hold various workshops and contribute to people’s learning.

I was really excited from start to finish, and while I wished there was a place like this in my town, I also wondered if I should just make one if there isn’t one… my imagination was expanding in my head! LOL!

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Behind the Scenes

There were a few customers coming to the store, but we couldn’t find any cars coming to refuel. Then a customer came so he went to talk to them, they gave us permission to film them refueling ◎ Thank you to the couple who was so friendly É É

Thank you for reading to the end!

Our self-supporting crowd funding ends at the end of this month, and we have 29 people who have supported us!
We want to make this film together! I’m focusing on the number of supporters rather than the amount!

I want to make this film together!

See you soon!


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