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This month marks the end of the documentary filming journey that started in April. We’ve been busy filming, editing, promoting, and raising our children, so we haven’t been posting much here, but now that we’re crowdfunding again, we’d like to advertise.

This project is based on the theme of permaculture, and we’ve been visiting people who are living sustainably and recording them on film. 7+ of the tour videos are now available for free(two of them are in English). We hope that the remaining 30 tour videos and the completed film would inspire each and every one of you to take action. We have been doing this with the support and help of many people, but we ran out of fundings, so we are going to raise the remaining shooting costs and the post-production costs of the film by crowdfunding(~12/31/2021).

For more information, please visit the project page!

Here’s a part of Maria’s message. She’s from Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead.

Rio giving us a tour of Alemany Farm in San Francisco, his tie is a comfrey leaf!

List of shooting locations (in order of shooting / 37 places or people)


Kinchan Farm


Permaculture Center Kamimomi

Forest Garden Hamamatsu

Seed Cafe / Seed Bank / Forest Garden Tsuchi-Sora

Aichi Urban Permaculture   / Nanryou Civic Center / Tokinan Elementary School / Camping Office osoto

Freedom University

Permaculture and Piece Dojo

Brown’s Field 

Fujino Lighthouse

Natural Farming UreshiPamoshiri

Natural Farming Gattponpoko

◎Tiny’s Farm


Bullocks Permaculture Homestead  (Orcas Island, WA)

◎Tiny House Brooke&Emmett (Orcas Island, WA)

Planet Repair (Portland, OR) Mark Lakeman

City Repair (Portland, OR))  Ridhi

Jane’s Farm (Portland, OR) Matt Bibeau

Dignity Village (Portland, OR) Lisa

ReBuilding Center (Portland, OR) Kai Sawyer

◎Marisha’s Place (Portland, OR)

Beacon Food Forest (Seattle, WA) Glen

Ecology Center (Berkeley, CA) Kana Koa Weaver

BioFel Oasis (Berkeley, CA) Novella Carpenter

Alemany Farm (San Francisco, CA) Antonio Roman

Kana Koa Weaver (Berkeley, CA)

Mume Farm (Orland, CA) Kiyoko

Kinone Place (Portland, OR) Aki


Asian Rural Institute

Ecovillage Yuru

Trandition Town Fujino

Permaculture Designer Shinji Yotsuo


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