We’re on the road and here’s our schedule for the film.


7-9  Permaculture Center Kamimomi / Okayama

16-23  Forest Garden Hamamatsu / Shizuoka


Adjusting schedule

27 commune garden / Omotesando, Tokyo


1st week Scrap Ecovillage Yuru-Yuru / Sagamihara, Kanagawa

2nd/3rd week Peace and Permaculture Dojo & Browns Field / Isumi, Chiba

26~ Asian Rural Institute / Tochigi


1st week Ureshipamoshiri / Iwate

3rd week Natural Farming Gatt Ponpoco / Ishikawa

4th week Mizunami Organic Farm / Gifu


1st week Shanthikuthi / Azumino, Nagano

2nd week Permaculture Designer Shinji Yotsui / Hokuto, Yamanashi

After these we’ll try to shoot abroad in the US.


We need more supporters for…

Web Designer, Video Editor, Distributor, Local Supporter on the road (Place to rest, chat, meal) and anything you can help this project.

Contact Kei’s email and follow us on this blog, instagram @simpleliving1744, Facebook.




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