Nobu woke me up in the middle of the night.

“It’s beautiful, full moon is out!”

I was half asleep while walking out, didn’t know what I was doing. But I was suddenly awake when I saw the full moon and it lighting up surroundings covered by thin mist like clouds. Just beautiful.

Watching the night view two of us alone was real rich.

It was misty in the morning but it seemed like clearing soon. The weather forecast during our trip was all rainy days turning to our favor!

The last day’s distance was 18km. It’s the longest walk on Milford Track still it doesn’t have any steep ups&downs mostly flat.

Nobu spotted a big trout from the bridge. He was excited and it’d be the last chance for catching trouts.

Again! No luck for him…

Giant Gate Waterfall

Reaching Sandfly Point after walking five and a half hour walking.

10 minutes boat ride takes you to Milford Sound.

Good bye Milford Track!

Lucky us we never really got wet in famous wet track.

Walking in the deep valley surrounded by rugged peaks was like fantasy. I felt like I was dreaming.

Milford Track so called “The Finest Walk in the World”.

Maori people first established this path for searching for greenstone.

Trails in New Zealand are the trace of Maori’s life and learning the backgrounds of them while walking is enjoyable.

Well, finally this was the end of our walking honeymoon.

The bus driver said “If I open the door while waiting the traffic kea would come.” And yes he jumped on the bus. What a smart creature they are!

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