It was supposed to heavy rain today but all the rain dropped during the night and no more in the morning. Lucky us!

Shower started a little but my umbrella was fine on this easy walk.

Last night the warden told us about this Australia shaped rock on the climb. There is even Tasmania Island with it!

The shower stopped and scattered blue skies showed up when we passed the tree line. And there was this magnificent views below us!

Mackinnon Memorial

Mackinnon Pass 1154m, the highest point on the trail.

Sun light came out between the clouds made mountains shine.

Took thousands of years to form this deep valley by glacier is impressive.

The nature is beyond discretion.

Mackinnon Pass Shelter

Water falls draw while lines everywhere around Milford Valley. Rich wet weather and snow melt are the sauces.

Quintin Lodge for guided walkers are like a hotel.

Suthernland Falls 580m, the falls were long believed to be the tallest water fall in New Zealand. You’ll surely get wet if you go near the base.

Dumpling Hut

Time flies! It is the last night on Milford Track. Having everything left in our food bag!

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