I felt it like a morning graduation. The last day on Te Araroa.

Nobu had some beer bottles in his backpack. I thought we were drinking them at the end but it was for walking!

Each steps reminded me a different memories. I started feeling that we were finally finishing TA.

Oyster&Chips! The seasonal Bluff Oysters are precious around this time.

The last part of trail is closed, you can walk to the top of the hill or through the Bluff town center.

It was normal NZ weather today, started with gorgeous morning grow then rained, cleared up, drizzle, shower, clear looping whole day.

But once we arrived at Te Araroa Southern Terminus, the arch of rainbow waited us like blessing us for finishing our honeymoon.

A wonderful gift!

Isha! We started the same day walked together, ate together and made me laughed a lot. I’m glad to finish with my dear Isha!

She’s walking PCT from May and Nobu also. Can’t wait hearing from them.

Write your name in the book and get a medal for completing Te Araroa at Oyster Cove Restaurant.

Sunshine! You made it before dark. My favorite hiker.

Bluff Oyster Again!

Well, it was a long long way.

Sometimes it was tough, challenging and I got discouraged but meeting many hikers and people on the way helped us, my friend and family encouraged me from oversea and Nobu being by my side I made it through!

Thank you all!!!

I’ve had enough walking but it was truly crazy honeymoon and I’m glad we made it.

By the way, there were three, four couples on honeymoon walking TA.

It’s a harsh honeymoon for sure but you could test your life in 4,5 months would be worth it, I think. One day a honeymoon on through hike get popular maybe…

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