DAY140(3/25) Camp(Off Trail) to Oreti Beach Track 2969km-2989km

We got out from the forest using other track, hoping to get a lift to a town last night.

And we ended up pitching our tent in a farmers yard. It was pitch dark when we reach the road, no cars passing by. So we knocked a house with light on and owner said not a problem.

Limping sheep was on the road ahead of us. He ended up hiding? in grasses side of the road.

We got hitched to Riverton. The farmer gave us a ride wasn’t going to the town but he took us all the way. Kiwis are so nice, many travelers do only hitch hiking for transportation. This country is amazing!

Branch at The Crib Cafe. We forgot to pay the bill but we called and did money transfer the next day.

We heard from Isha that Pete&Cass was in town. We started the same day from Cape Reinga and after our fifth day we got apart and never caught them up. It was more than 4 months, we finally meet them again!

The final beach walk after Riverton.

I remember the first 4 days walking on Ninety Mile Beach and that was enough of walking on the beach. But this was a nice walk on sands bathing sea breeze with weaves singing.

Weird red sea weeds covers the beach for miles. It was like a mush land.

Beach walk equals clams to Nobu. He got so many of them all kinds. Always good the fresh food!

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