DAY139(3/24) Merriview Hut to Camp(Off Trail) 2904km-2942km

Deer farm, we’ve seen it a lot on South Island. Their antlers are good to sell to China and Korea as medicine.

It’s the last muddy forest on TA. We heard it’s as muddy as Northland Forest in North Island.

But it was not even comparable to that. We could simply avoid deep muddy paddles trough the way.

It’s strange but we hoped to have challenging stuff here on the last forest.

I enjoyed this muddy forest, no more mud after this.

Sunshine went right into mud!

A tunnel with a marker, be a hobbit!

From up on the hill, we could see Bluff, the end point.

“Oh yes, finally we’re here!”

My heart was filled with deep emotion. It was gonna end soon, I was happy to be done at the same time a little sad to finish.

Martin’s Hut is the last hut on TA. When we arrived it was almost sun down. It was a nice old hut but we had to get going farther to camp.

Martins Hut

A morepork, owl flied right in front of me. I was surprised so the morepork was! It happened in an instant but quite mysterious and beautiful.

Can you see the Morepork in the center?

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