DAY137(3/22) Telford Burn Campsite to Birchwood Station Cabin 2850km-2877km

I couldn’t wear the clothes which got wet yesterday. It was freezing this morning. I still had extra shorts and t-shirts so it was ok.

I got warmed up soon after started a day. Human body is wonderful!

Oh my, there was a river crossing after half an hour walk. The rapid we couldn’t see the bottom but we teamed up with Sunshine and made it easily. I think it’s one of fun things to help each other and get over the difficulties on the trail.

Sunshine came out later with blue sky. I was really happy at this moment since our lower bodies were wet. I really thanked to the sun!

We all do dry our clothes by hanging them on our backpacks.

It’s autumn here but with yellow flowers made it like springtime.

It was all farm walking today. In fact this Mt.Linton Station is the biggest farm in New Zealand. No one walks across this massive farm but us, TA walkers. What challenging today was getting over the numerous stiles! My knees were crying all the time.

One of enjoyments on walking farmland is meeting animals. Like I said only TAs walking this path, in a way it was one of fortunates.

Young bulls followed us till the gate.

Stayed in a cabin tonight. Birchwood Station is offering TA walkers for warm place to sleep. Hikers ahead of us lit wood stove so it was completely different situation from yesterday evening. Well we do love staying outside but it was much better after freezing night.

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