DAY136(3/21) Aparima Hut to Telford Campsite 2829-2850km

Everyone started late this morning because of rain and knowing that tonight we all stay at campsite without shelter.

This was the last swing bridge on TA just 5min away from Aparima Hut.

It was raining whole day and windy but most of time we were protected by beech forest. And I could tell Kei enjoyed walking with Sunshine so I did.

Lower Wairaki Hut

It was all ok until we got to the ridge which bring us to the campsite. Suddenly tussock land started so no canopy to cover us. Cold gusty hitting us on the side with rain and no way keeping ourselves dry.

We actually stayed in a toilet when we got there. Needed to think for a minute where and how we put up the tent.

We were soaked wet and shaking. Our hands were numb, hard to put pegs down. It was the worst state ever happened to us on this journey. TA wouldn’t let us get bored, always bring us something new.

Snow capped mountain next morning was the proof of the coldest night.

We were totally fine once we had hot food and crawled into our sleeping system. Had a good and long sleep this night.

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