Berry Browny at Sundfly Cafe was amazing so we came back!

Well we left TA trail after Queenstown but things have changed.

We got a booking on Milford Track, Great Walk which is one of the most famous trail in the world. Eiji told us there’s sometimes cancellations on booking system because most of people book it in long advance. So Nobu was checking it for the last couple of days and luckily we got it!

We had a plan going to Stewart Island but it doesn’t fit with Milford and that made us 8 days to kill.

So here we’re back on TA!

Ran into Sunshine at the trail head.

River crossings, muddy path, overgrown grasses totally different from Great Walks. You need to concentrate on what on the ground, find markers, try avoid getting wet feet and at the same time enjoy the trail.

We started walking so late and it was dark when we got Aparima Hut and hikers before us were sleeping already.

Quickly had dinner and change clothes outside.

It was a long day so we slept really well.

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