DAY134(3/19) Kepler Track (Iris Burn Hut) to Te Anau

It was stormy last night and this morning was the same.

Put our rain gears on and started a day, fortunately beech forest protected us most of the way.

The warden at the hut told us if we dig the ground with your foot and back down in front of Robin, he comes closer to you.

So I tried and he came in didn’t climb on to me but it was fun doing real experience thing!

These ball like mushroom will extract spores when you touch them. “Drops of water push them and they can blow spores away in rainy days” said Nobu.

I was impressed this little ones are in a cycle of this native forest relied on rain to spread their descendants.

It was drizzling during the walk but I enjoyed the wet beech canopy with crown ferns underneath them.

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