DAY133(3/18) Kepler Track (Brod Bay Campsite to Iris Burn Hut)

The lake seemed to change color from deep red to

vibrant orange before sunrise. It was like a show while having breakfast on the beach.

Brodbay campsite

Climbing up on zigzag route in beech forest slowly but surely. There was a tussock field expanding over above the tree line.

Cool wind blowing, got our heat away quickly.

A tea time at Luxmore Hut.

Weather turned sunny day to showery with gusts. Still many hikers on both directions, It was Sunday actually. Kepler Track has the easiest access to sub alpine ridge, the loop track starts just 5km away from Te Anau.

Kea, sings “kee-a”

The views from the ridge walk was spectacular, I love ridge walking!


Our goal today was Iris Burn Hut, the first time staying a great walk hut.

Maybe we expected too much but the hut was packed with full of hikers and noisy, I couldn’t relax. I guess we’ve been staying better ones on Te Araroa.

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