DAY132(3/17) Te Anau to Kepler Track (Brod Bay Campsite)

Chilly morning woke me up before dawn, put down jacket on and went asleep again.

Frost was covered all over this morning. Well it was one of the coldest we had.

Big breakfast at Sandfly Cafe then started walking toward Kepler Track. The blue sunny sky was a nice start but air was still cold.

Fiordland National Park is the biggest national park in New Zealand and it is World Heritage Area, Kepler Track is a part of the park.

The beginning of the trail was surrounded by beech trees and crown ferns covering the ground. It got fantasy like atmosphere and donators or hobbits would be coming out from everywhere.

I took a time for walking today. Nobu went ahead but it was a short walk to the campsite. It was fun in a way for walking slower than normal, different approach to meet animals and plants. It was new to me.

The campsite is by the beach and we see Te Anau town on the anther side of the lake. Some families came by boats were enjoying the beach on weekend here. Some sandflies around of course.

It was a nice time having dinner on the beach, watching the sunlight diminishing in the evening.

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