DAY129(3/14) Routeburn Track to Green Stone Track (McKellar Hut)

I slept last night really well didn’t feel cold at all.

Today’s aim was reaching McKeller Hut on Greenstone Track.

Sky was overcasting but sunlight came out sometimes and the moments of river and field shining made the view perfect!

Routeburn Falls Hut and Lodge.

You need to book ahead for staying Greatwalk huts and if you want a guide walk you have a choice to stay in luxury lodge.

Nothing is like TA trail and it’s never been steep on whole walk. You can come for a day walk and you get spectacular views or book huts or campsite to enjoy more. It deserve the name of Greatwalk for sure.

Before the saddle, shower started and we were regularly in clouds. It was unstable weather rest of the day and we enjoyed it very well.

Harris Saddle Shelter&Lodge

New Zealand Robin

Lake MacKenzie Lodge

It looks totally different from the huts. It makes Greatwalk Huts silly in a lot ways.

You can get a latest weather forecast at the Hut with warden staying. And we found it would get thunderstorm tomorrow!

Greenstone & Caples Track is one of famous track around the region. Can’t compare to Greatwalks but well-maintained path was nice to walk.

When we arrived to McKeller Hut 24bunks, it was almost full of hikers but we got a place to stay. This hut is spacious seems more than a 24bunk Hut. There are extra mattresses and over 30 people stayed here in the past. Also it got flush toilets!!!

A warden, Eiji is actually Japanese and he is a TA hiker!!!! He did early this season Sep&Oct to finish North Island and going to walk South Island next month.

I enjoy meeting new people through TA. I really do have fun with it!

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