Ferburger in Queenstown is full of cue all the time and locals love it too.

We had it in the morning with beer! Big sized burger had a great taste.

We left the city with 12pm shuttle to get the trailhead. A little rest at Glenorchy, a village junction for many trails around Queenstown. Lake Wakatipu on this side was also beautiful.

We arrived Routeburn Track Carpark by 2pm and headed out.

Routeburn Track

Well-maintain path with beautiful views everywhere. Yes, it is Greatwalk!

I felt autumn from the yellowish leafs on the path. It’s really nice seeing surroundings while walking which seldom happens to TA.

Nice flash toilet on the track.

We camped at Routeburn Flat Campsite. We’d love to stay in Greatwalk Huts but it’s hard to book on high season especially your schedule is not fixed like us.

This campsite has two shelters with a picnic table and cooking table with tap and sink. The view was magnificent.

It was cold in the evening already. I wore most of my clothes, sleeping bag and put Sol on top of them. It was great feeling my cold feet slowly warming up. I don’t like sleep feeling cold but with my gear I slept very well this cold night.

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