Climbing up to Roses Saddle was the first task for today. Always nice walking in morning soft sunlight.

After the saddle there was a flat place and suddenly I wanted to run! It was a short slow run but I felt good running on high open tussock land.

After a long downhill then the trail continues along Arrow River. You have to cross and ford many times to get Macerown. My feet were almost frozen.

Macetown was zero residence now and few remaining buildings are present. Once 200 people lived here mostly mining gold.


Big Hill Track was key path connecting Macetown and Arrowtown. I was guessing those people had no problem with this steep hills back in time while I was almost out of breath climbing.

Arrowtown in distance.

After nice forestry walk got us to a park, full of people?!

Arrowtown was also a mining town and now it’s very touristic with historic town street. Full of cafes, restaurants and bars.

It’s funny that hiking is normal life now and once come down to a town makes me nervous. And can’t imagine living in Tokyo again.

Suddenly a liquor was there sucking us inside. Beer after a warm day walk is the best!


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