DAY125(3/10) Highland Creek Hut to Roses Hut 2650km-2660km

The event “Motatapu” was today. Mountain bike, short and long run, triathlon and some other outdoor stuff. And one called “Ultra Run” goes on the same path we walk in 3 days but participants run in a day?!

Ultra Run started at Glendhu Bay at 6:00am and by 8 o’clock the first runner passed Highland Creek Hut. Then lots of them passed by. I was excited!

One Japanese runner appeared.

His name is Ryo and he was TA hiker on South Island early this season!!!

We waited till 9:30am volunteering for the race but here was no sunlight and we were freezing so we started among runners.

It was funny runner in front and back. Trail had never been like this and I enjoyed a lot.

It was too steep to “run” so most of them became hiker like us and we actually beat lots of them. I felt like I was participating too.

Roses Hut

Well it’s been normal my shoes getting wet but the last three days I could keep them dry!

I love it this way of course.

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