Well we wanted to have a rest day here today but there were no beds for us. Wanaka is crazy busy because of Motatapu mountain bike and run event this Saturday.

There was a holiday park on the trail 15km away so we booked a cabin for tonight.

After outdoor shop hopping we visited DOC visitor center for our planning. Then lunch at cafe.

We booked a hostel in Queenstown. YHA was booked out already but some hostels were still available thank goodness.

Finally we left the town and headed to Glendhu Bay. The track is all the way along the lake, no walkers but many bikers enjoying sunny day.

Many senior bikers, I guess a few of them were over 70 years old and that is impressive.

It was monotonous path but rugged mountains over the lake and emerald like blue- green colored lake were beautiful and I enjoyed it slowly changing.

We splashed and swam at Glendhu Bay. Great cool down and refresh after a warm day walking.

Dinner for today!

Nobu was sawing his foot. He only wears sandals and his heels and big toes crack sometimes and this time was back of right foot. It’s been more than a week and it got bigger and he needed to deal with it.


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