Overcast outside, Nobu said it would clear up later.

Slow morning had breakfast then tea time. Finally started walking 10 o’clock.

When we got to the ridge it started clearing up. The view was amazing which we missed yesterday. I felt much better and it was worth waiting for this.

A long down hill all the way to the lake. When we finished it sun shining in blue sky like summer again! Hawee Lake looked wonderful with clear sky.

Big lunchtime at Lake Hawea with beer!

Our plan was staying here for tonight then Wanaka tomorrow but all affordable rooms were booked out till next week but there were beds for tonight. So we decided to take the last beds.

A really nice historian old lady took us all the way to YHA. Thanks a lot grandma!

Isha from Belgium was in the same banks! Being a while seeing her and we were chatting endlessly.

Went out for a walk in town this evening. Sun was almost gone and mountains over the lake was glowing orange, we sat down a bench by Lake Wanaka for a minute. It was a nice treat of the day.


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