The biggest non bridged river crossing in South Island was the first tact this morning. But Ahuriri River was calm enough to cross safely although we had good experiences of river crossing by now.

It was drizzling in the morning then started clearing up. It makes me feel better with no rain also nice to dry up things. What can we do without the sun. I reconsider it must be used more.

Linch time on the hill with drying tent beside us.

Tin Hut(private) is open for public with $5 overnight stay, free for rest.

It was formed with 4WD track all the way to the next hut. Easy walk but still steep and long path got me out of breath.

Up then down comes next!

The hiking around mountain range is always like this. I feel a little sad that pushing to climb up then have to going down.

It was a long day again.

6 banks hut was almost full the last bed we had to share tonight. Still it nicer sleep on the mattress when I got tired.

Top Timaru Hut

I can’t do much after a long walk. But Nobu cooks good dinner nice and quick. The meal makes me walk again.

Thanks Nobu!


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