First time having Sushi in NZ at a cafe run by salmon farm. But taste of rice vinegar and rice wasn’t good enough. I thought it’s wrong people believe this is sushi.

Real sushi is much better!

Thomas&Anna from Finland are traveling over two years including PCT.

Finishing gravel road to reach Lake Oahu.

Michel&Martin from Denmark lay down resting. It’s been a long time to see them resting this way. We started the same day from Cape Reinga!

Thought about camping near a private hut but not the best spot.

First thing first, we were quite hungry so eat and think.

Even tea time afterwards.

After the dinner we started walking again. Just 6km to campground with flush toilet!!

Walking with evening soft sun light was nice and I felt good.

Lake Middleton Campsite is spacious by both lake sides.

Just behind our tent was Lake Ohau mirroring evening sky.

It was worth walking hard to see this view right in front of me just beautiful.


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