Snowed peak was dyed in pink and whole sky was filled with morning soft light. Meeting these moments are the best thing being out.

Well river crossings started darts in the morning. We were surrounded by mountains and no sunshine got me yet and I don’t like being wet while it’s still cold.

Avoided the first one then next one is usually wide and no way to hop on…this is TA! Because Cyclone Gita brought some snow up on peaks and water came from it so my toes got numb with pain.

Comyns Hut

After this hut we had to cross Hakatere river numerous times against the flow. The water level was high and rapid.

We had to cross this violent river more than 30 times. At some points we needed to

back down and either find easier spots or climb on the cliff.

Steep climb to the Saddle after cold river.

I love standing on mountain ridge just feeling good!

South Island is beautiful.

We camped on the way down. Today was longer than we thought. Hard river crossings wore us out but I felt happy we had a place to sleep.


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