Here comes the second gear review!

Sleeping bag / Montbell Down Multi Blanket #5 350g

Sleeping pad / Yama&Michi UL Pad 15s+ 110g

Liner or cover / SOL Escape Lite 150g

SOL socks 20g

I haven’t used SOL on TA yet. It’s not that cold and too wet to take it out but I’m sure late in South Island.

This SOL is made out of tyvek like fabric and breathable. It was too big for both of us so I cut top part and modified to hood type top.

This sleeping bag is a down quilt, basically one sheet of blanket with bottoms and hocks with same down quality as Montbell #5 and it’s lighter.

I made socks out of fabric cut from SOL top part and it works very well. Since we cross rivers many times on the trail some time our feet get so cold that normal socks are not good enough to warm up.

It’s always your feet get cold in a freezing night. It’s lighter than socks no space needed. With our one season sleeping bag they are the key of survival.



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