I’m bored here in Methven waiting for a cyclone to pass.This one got the most focus from other hikers and I have time to review about it.Our cooker is Evernew Aluminum Frying-pan Round #18.

Soy sauce, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and other choice of spices along the way. Also wind-master(stove), lighter, chopsticks, wildo spoon, silicon spoon and lid from my old aluminum pan fits all.

Left back is my MYOG Spice Rack made of soft tyvek and this rack is getting attention all the time. Honestly I don’t think any through hiker need this because most of people are not carrying spices like me.

This pan was marble coated and soon it came off little by little so I took off before eating them too much.

Not many hikers cook like us but I’m really happy with this cooker as well as my tyvek spice rack. Tyvek is like paper and easy to sew. You can try making MYOG spice rack if you like.


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