We left the hut at 7:20. It’s been a while we start walking before 8am.

River crossings were necessary on today’s trail but it was still cold in the morning and we tried to avoid getting wet.

Soon we had no way but fording one another. Water was freezing cold by that time.

Finally sun came out from the ridge then strong wind started. It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky and great contrast with mountains surrounded us.

Our plan was camping near the lake but the wind was getting stronger and we also found out that a huge cyclone was coming in two days. So we tried hitching to Methven.

There was nothing around after the campground. I wasn’t sure if we could get a ride…

After 2 hours of walking on the gravel road a car with 2 hunters stopped for us. They were on the way back to Christchurch but they changed their course and drove us to Methven.

With our thanks we had beer together at Blue Pub!

Today was Sunshine’s birthday and we had a little cerebration at our hostel.

With the latest weather forecast, Cyclone Gita was surely heading towards us. I think we’ve got to stay here for a while.


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