We did a day hike to Avalanche Peak from Arthur’s Pass.

Hiking off TA trail was new to us. We did Tongariro Northern Circuit instead of Tongariro Alpine Crossing but it was part of the trail. This time Tramping with no backpacks and it was nice.

And Nobu’s camera is working again! The monitor is off but finder is ok and I’m so happy!!!

It was steep from the beginning and once passed the tree line it was chilly because of the wind.

Arthur’s Pass Village

Great view was just with one hour hike!


Took us 2 hours to reach the summit. It was basically easy walk and views you can get was great.

It was very windy at the peak today and we couldn’t stand for a while. So we left the summit in a minute.

Avalanche Peak

The course time was 6 to 8 hours return but we did in 4 hours including a lunchtime. Without our compact but heavy bags we can hike much better.

It was a nice also an easy day tramp from Arthur’s Pass and I recommend to anybody willing to hike in NZ. Also there’re many tramping tracks around Arthur’s Pass National Park.

Had a break at Alpine Shop Cafe then hitched to the trailhead.

The first hut was full of hikers when we got there. We started late but we headed the next one for tonight.

The hike to Avalanche Peak and food in my backpack made me walking slow. It was just 5.5km but I felt it seemed much longer.

Who’s there!?


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