Every time I dry my shoes at hut then the next morning when we start they get wet pretty quickly. Still nice to put dried shoes on in the morning though.

It was wet from the rain last night. Trail was slushy and muddy at some points but I like the moistened forest it’s just lovely.

Well we started today with a wired bridge.

It was a first time for me walking on wire! I was a bit scared but Nobu was enjoying walking on wire.

Cameron Hut

Here in New Zealand there are about 1,000 mountain hut around. Some of them are really old, historical and most of old ones are unique in many ways. It’s one of fun thing here visiting them and staying one.

Harper Pass Bivvy

Good sleep, lots food with that I enjoyed walk whole day!

While we were at Locke Stream Hut we heard a helicopter approaching. And it was a helicopter dropping some stuff outside of the hut. Maybe for hunters or DOC maintenance staff.

This trail has lots damage at some points so we had to find a way by ourselves. No trail, no markers but traces of hikers and cairns we could follow.

Our house tonight was a red tinny hut!

We heard kiwis around this hut. It’s really rare to see them even for locals. Nobu was excited and saying wake up at night and go find them.

We heard them at night but no chance to see them also we couldn’t go out at night we were too lazy.

I wanna see them one day~


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