We started walking with Sunshine today.

Found a sign on the other side of the river and the current seemed strong.

I was scared but I stepped in. Then in the middle it got harder and harder so I called out for Sunshine behind me. We put our arms around and ford together.

Nobu slipped in the middle of the river and he got wet when we passed the river.

Nobu was fine but his camera got wet!!!

After 11km of hike we walked out from the trail. It wasn’t the part of our plan but we decided to go to Greymouth for fun. We’ve been doing a week long tramping in South Island for a while and wanted to have some refreshments in town.

We tried to hitch from SH73 and a red car stopped for us quickly and took us to Greymouth, 73km away. Lucky us!

Greymouth on west coast is connected to Christchurch by railway and there were many tourist around.

Global village was stay for tonight. The hostel has great taste and clean everywhere. Stayed all evening in the lounge working on our blogs while Nobu was trying to dry up his wet camera.

This was our Day100 and we celebrated a little with Sunshine. Fresh vegetable and chicken drums were so good!

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