Good sleep through the night and got up around 6am refreshed.

It was still dark and showering a little.

The three gentle men headed out all wearing red rain jackets.

We got ready slowly and started past 8 o’clock.

Hot Spring! about 4km away from the hut. It was still raining and we didn’t feel like dipping in. But hot stream was nice and warm we enjoyed foot bath. I miss Onsen a lot!

Smoke was coming out from Hurunui No.3 Hut when we approached.

Ema&Dan from US were staying. They got here yesterday and waited the rain to stop in the end they stayed another night.

They kept fire going so it was nice and warm inside.

Shower became rain and it got harder in the afternoon so we decided to stay here.

Our supper lately is like below. Maybe more than usual but with the plate it looks much better and yummy!


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