It’s definitely summer by now but the morning in near mountain range is cold. We heard from Cosmo, another TAs that her tent was frozen as well as her wet shoes and socks! I was surprised by that.

Today was just 12km walk and trail was mostly flat but I was still tired from yesterday and I was hungry all day.

Exhausted but I made it to Boyle Village where only few residents live. We sent our food box to Boyle River Outdoor Education Center where the place only people we saw.

Lots of students were learning tramping, rock climbing, kayaking all kind of outdoor stuff.

Most of hikers hitch to Hammer Spring, a famous hot spring town to resupply. Since we have a food box here so we stayed a night.

You can get basic glossaries here a little expensive but nice we could do some shopping also picking some stuff up from hikers box (free food from other hikers). And they sell pizza! and yes we got one for lunch and another for dinner. We were lucky to get free beer as well. I was so happy!!

Shower was a week awaited. Did laundry, tidy up food supplies.

It is an adventure~


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