Misty in the morning. We didn’t have much views but we wore rain capes and started.

Sometimes mist cleared up and the mountain ridge came out and it was remarkably beautiful.

I could stay here all day watching the landscape but it was windy and cold so we trotted down the valley.

Here is a birds sanctuary especially in the forest. Some birds come to us leading the way and I love them!

Our friend Robin!

It was nice on the ridge but lower part was in the clouds and sun was hiding most of the time. Then shower started in the afternoon.

We got to Blue Lake Hut before real rain started. And we get our beds! More and more hiker arrived later and in the end 21 hikers slept in a 16 bunk beds hut. 5 others stayed in there tents. So many people in the hut hanging wet clothes all over, chatting, drinking, eating like a festival!

Temperature was dropping outside but wood stove kept us warm in the hut.

We had a chance to see Blue Lake when rain stopped for a short time.

It’s one of the important sacred places for Maori and it’s has amazing color.

It has clearest fresh water in the world and visibility in the water is 75-80m that’s insane!!!

We drank from the lake and it was smooth and pretty taste. My body would be happy if I could drink this water everyday~


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