DAY87(1/31) Top Wairoa Hut to Red Hills Hut 1931km-1959km

Tropic cyclone was still coming tomorrow so we decided to get the last hut in Richmond Range.

We got up early and headed out 6 in the morning while other hikers were still asleep.

We wanted to spend more time in Richmond Range but there was big river crossings in the last section. And worst case scenario we stack days and run out of food.

On the ridge was windy and air was cold. But the scenery it looked looked like clouds were dancing above mountains filtering sunlight. Like fantasy.

Mt Ellis

We did going three huts in low and I was exhausted but at the same time I felt my body was lighter.

Hunters Hut

Poters Creek Hut

Finishing the day before 5pm at Red Hills Hut. Usually I slow down second half of walking but I was able to keep up with Nobu’s pace. I couldn’t believe we did 30km in mountain range for 10 hours instead of 14 hours according to trail note!

Nobu said “The limiter was off like runner’s high, no hiker’s high!”

Yeah it was pleasant walk and I like it!!!

Red Hills Hut is new having 6 bank beds. When we arrived there was hikers started the range 2,3 days before us and other TAs were kept arriving. In the end 12 hikers stayed in the little hut. Three couples sharing bed and three hikers on the floor.

Tomorrow was the day getting a town. We talked about cold beer, big pizza everybody was saying the same stuff that was funny.

It was already stormy out side the hut.

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