Old Man Hut

Old Man Hut to climb back to the ridge took us 30min. In the morning soft light we walk and after passes the tree line and looked back there were sea of clouds below us. My heart beats leaped up with excitement that lighten my body.

This part is the most challenging part in Richmond Range. Trail note says 5 hours for 4.5km that’s insane.

I was feeling great walking on the ridge under blue sky. It was just beautiful surrounded by high mountains making wavy lines and it seems endless over the horizon.

Little Rintoul

Little Rintoul to Mt Rintoul was very steep down and up. Screes all over and I had a hard time descending. It’s obviously challenging for non experienced one like me but with Nobu’s lead I did it!

I was fulfilled when I reach the peak looking 360° view. It was superb!

Mt Rintoul

“Aren’t you gonna take your dress out and take pictures?” Nobu said.

I have one wish that taking photos at some beautiful points on this journey. And this was the first time so I was a little embarrassed wearing it here.

Well we got a good wild ones suit for us!

My elder sister made this dress. I asked her 3 weeks before abroad. I am so glad she made it while taking care of her 2 little kids. Thanks Ai!!!

(I almost lost the dress at Whanganui Journey)

My sister’s original dress in the beautiful scenery and Nobu made them in one flame with me. I was just happy that I have people around me make my wish come true.

After more than one hour break at the peak waited fun climbing part on the rocky ridge! I could use my bouldering skills many times on this trip which I enjoy a lot.

We arrived at Mt.Rintoul Hut around noon and we decided to stay here for recovery. We’ve been pushing hard until here.

The hut is just below Mt.Rintoul and looking at rugged surface made me proud of myself.

Mt Rlntoul Hut


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