DAY78(1/22) Schoolhouse Bay Campsite to Bay of Many Coves Campsite 1737km-1766km

Schoolhouse Bay Campsite

A sailboat arrived to Schoolhouse Bay in the late evening. They’re on a 25 days outdoor program doing sailing, hiking, rock climbing, trail running and so on, age between 16&18. Yong, energized and shining kiwis. We’d love to do that program even now.

Breakfast was of course mussels on rice!

You need to buy a pass for Queen Charlotte Track. We had 5days one for $18.

You can cycle here as well so the trail is mostly smooth and gentle. The weather was great we had good views along the way.

This bottle must be here for years. It looked like a tree was drinking.

Queen Charlotte Track

Camping on the ridge tonight.

Good view at nice evening we had yoga time. Under coloring sky it was so refreshing and felt beautiful.

Bay of Many Coves Campsite

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