The second day started fine too.

All exhaustion and knee pain was alright after good food and sleep.

Around the first peak we were covered with clouds.

Way point was already 1400m and the weather in Tararua with this hight is changeable.

Soon cleared up and the rest of the day was nice day. We were very lucky to be in this condition here.

superb view from the ridge.

The view on both sides was wonderful but the trail was harder than yesterday. Total ascent was 1163m, total descent was 842m. Many trees are fallen on the pass and going above or under was tiring. Also I slipped twice, the first time I broke the tracking pole and next I sprained my right ankle. Fortunately it wasn’t bad. Still I was exhausted physically and mentally. The good weather helped a lot.

Dracophyllum Hut

Walking on the ridge down into forests and getting out of it and again & again.

The forest was covered with mosses all over and it seems they’re ready to move like in a fantasy.

The high ridge right to left was today’s long pass!

Nichols Hut

Dinner was mushed potato with corn thin. Putting salami and cheese make it perfect.

After dinner Nobu started repairing the broken pole. He has different type of adhesives, sewing set and other stuff for mending gears all in his small backpack. He’s prepared and flexible which I admire. One pole became shorter than the other but still much help for me.

Open view from Nichols Hut was superb. Watching the sky slowly changing color I went asleep.


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