Just resting before the Tararua Range.

Blue sky with sunshine, feels good.

John from here took us to Levin, closest town for resupply. Very nice people offering TA hikers to free stay and free ride. We even got bread and fruits for breakfast. Great advice and detailed wether forecast around Tararua.

Makahika Lodge at Outdoor Pursuit Center. TA hiker can stay in this lodge for free or pitch a tent. ‘KOHA’ means donation here leaving some money for the stay is common among hiker friendly places.

Fishing in the afternoon but no hit.

Nobu found an eel accidentally and we tried to catch it. And we did got a big one. So we brought the eel to the kitchen then we found out Sally is feeding them as a pet?! We didn’t want any problems so we released the eel.

Luckily we bought lamb for our dinner! Nobu is fully recovered from food poisoning.


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